Can India Be The Skill Capital of The World?

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With crores of Indians and many of the great renowned luminaries applauding the policies and main stream strategies by the PM Modi led BJP government to boost the Indian economy, we are moving greatly towards a brighter India. Unlike the previous government and their scandalous leaders, Modi government has been very strategic in understanding the core glitches hindering the country’s growth. India was growing and is still growing; agreed! But do you really believe that this is the best growth rate that we can thrive at? In a nation like India having a complex structure which comprises of a vivid cultures, mix religious views, languages, etc., it is very difficult to dream and plan building an efficacious future. Only the current government could understand the importance of offering renewed, simplified and well executed governance accompanied with many policies and programmes, one of which is the “Skill India” programme. The main goal is to create opportunities, space and scope for the development of the talents of the Indian youth and to develop, more of those sectors which have already been put under skill development for the last so many years with a fresh perspective and also to identify new sectors for skill development. The new programme aims at providing training and skill development to 40 crore youths of our country by 2022 in various skill matrixes, covering each and every village. Various schemes are also launched to achieve this objective viz.

1 – Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna(PMKVY)

2 – Deen Dayal Upadhyay Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDUGKY)

3 – Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDIS)

4 – NSDC self-sponsored training (NSDC)

5 – Craftsman Training Scheme (CTS)

6 – Seekho Aur Kamao

7 – Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Vocationalisation of Higher Secondary Education (CSS for VHSE)

8 – Scheme of Community Development through Polytechnics (SCDP)

9 – Udaan

10 – Himayat

11 – Employment Linked Skill Training Program (ELSTP)

12 – National Apprenticeship Training Scheme (NATS)

13 – Employment through Skills Training and Placement (EST&P)

14 – Self-Employment Program (SEP)

15 – Skill Development Scheme of NBCFDC

Human resources are the most crucial contributors for the nation’s growth and the same has been exploited and undervalued by many plagued governments since we obtained our Independence. But now we finally have a government and a leader who understands the real worth of it. Has anyone ever wondered why countries like Japan, China, Germany and Switzerland been so successful? The secret is that all these nations have always valued their people and have always used that resource very efficiently.

One has to recognize that if we are envisioning a developed economy in India, it will have to face two issues : 1) India will be a big job creator 2) India will need a dedicated and skilled manpower to fill those jobs. PM Modi seems to perceive the logic behind it pretty well and has been focussing high time on the skills development for his 125 crores Indians.

Indian economy hugely comprises of Manufacturing and Service sectors followed by Agriculture sector. Nonetheless, today “skills” are a must for every sector. Especially the manufacturing and service industries are fairly skilled labour intensive. The percentile of semi-skilled workers is higher in these sectors when compared to Agriculture and unregistered manufacturing. In a youth flooded India (more than 65% youth in the nation), skill development programmes can act as the real driving forces for the development of the nation.

To ensure that the progress occurs and benefits of the fast growing economy are extensively shared across the work force, there has to be a match between the skills requirements of the expanding sector and the skills endowment of the country. Moreover one should also understand that a skilled driven labour and employee class can generate higher productivity compared to an unskilled or semi-skilled one, which would indirectly create higher demand in the market ultimately boosting the growth of the economy. Further ‘Skill India’ programme can have some real positive impact on the individual levels too. Such a great initiative by the government would facilitate the personal development of the mass population making people more confident, capable and empowered as a social element.

Ever pondered over that why big successful firms always have their own training centres set up? It would have been way easier for them had the previous Congress governments understood the importance of this growth promoting aspect. It would have saved a lot of training costs and time in all these organizations!

Development of the human resources seems to be the crucial stepping stone for the future India. Modi government can create a huge platform for businesses through his ‘Skill India” programmes which will attract massive foreign investments and can also motivate the non-resident Indians to return back to serve their own nation rather than using their skills to help the economies of developed nations.

I believe we Indians are still young enough, we are still full of aspirations and we are still ready to work with dedication. All we need is a great efficient platform which the current government led by PM Modi is providing. I urge everyone to support the great ‘Skill India’ Mission and turn our PM’s vision of making India into Skill Capital of the world into a reality.

Deval Patel



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